Dave and Donna Mosely - Class of 2014

East Rugby is nationally recognized for its outstanding parent organization.


Exceptional in this distinguished history has been the constant and generous work of parents Dave and Donna Mosely.


Nick, Tyler and Mircea, their three sons, played with East Rugby from 2001 to 2012.  Across eleven years, Dave and Donna stepped forward again and again to help the program flourish.  Dave took charge of all the field setups, including sideline post fabrication.  For eight years Donna served as tour director.  Her thorough and nimble organization helped build the tour into its current renown.  She also chaired the Parent Committee in 2010 and 2011.


Graciously the Moselys have credited the program with powerfully benefitting their sons, but certainly Dave and Donna's contributions of their time and talents.

Bill Baer - Class of 2013

Bill Baer is the heart, mind and soul of East High Rugby.  He is our leader.


Bill serves as general manager, treasurer, and recruiter; as head coach, mentor, and counselor; as inspiration, conscience, and encouragement.


Bill flanked for Tulane University, the Queen City Rugby Football Club, and the Colorado Old Boys.  Bill has coached for nineteen years at East, leading East Rugby to 315 victories in 405 matches, earning four State Championships, while insisting that players put academics, conduct, and family first.


Bill holds a USA Rugby Level III Coaching Certificate, was inducted to the Eastern Rockies Rugby Football Union Hall of Fame, was twice selected as "Coach of the Year" by Colorado Youth Rugby, and continues to serve as Vice President of Rugby Colorado.


Meticulously organized, striving to improve, Bill Baer lives and breathes East Rugby.  We are all better because of him.

Jeff Colson - Class of 2011

Jeff has given to East Rugby over many years in many vital ways.


As a player on the 1994 State runner up team, he received the Team Player Award and was selected as All-State.

Jeff coached at East from 2000-2007, including the 2002 and 2004 State Championships.  As an alumni leader he was founder and captain of the summer league team "Softball Was Full".  That team of mostly East alumni won the Summer 7's League four times and the Scottish Highlands 10's Tournament five years in a row.


Jeff captained the University of Colorado team and the second team of the Denver Barbarians.  In England he played for the University of Lancaster and the London Exiles.


Jeff contributions have been critical in defining the positive character of East High Rugby.

Mark Calhoun - Class of 2012

Mark Calhoun is all about supporting young people.


He played football and rugby in college, teaches math and also coordinates student support systems.  Mark is a football coach and won the Angel Award for special contributions to East High School.


Even with his busy schedule, he has volunteered as the rugby team school sponsor for the last ten years.  He is the voice of East Rugby in the school and in charge of the team's scholastic eligibility, where he helps the student athletes.


Mr. Calhoun is dedicated to every student and works tirelessly to help them achieve their potential.  He has been essential in helping the East Rugby program stress sportsmanship, scholarship and citizenship.  The players, parents and coaches are blessed to have Mark Calhoun as a wonderful resource.

John Falkenberg, Sr. - Class of 2009

Parent involvement is a major element in making East Rugby special.  No parent has been more involved and more special than Mr. Falkenberg.


He came out to support his sons and became essential to the team.  He lined the fields and coordinated the equipment.  John constructed the scrum sled the team still practices with today.  It was on the team tours that Mr. Falkenberg became a legend.  his tongue-in-cheek pronouncements on the "Four Rules for Touring" left freshmen awestruck.  As they developed as teammates these young men came to know Mr Falkenberg as a kind and generous person who would do anything for them and for the team.


His no nonsense work ethic continues to serve as an example that real accomplishments are done not for personal notice but quietly, for the good of all.