2015 Alumni & Current Player Party and Hall of Fame

Sat. Dec. 19  6-8 p.m.  in the church basement at 1100 Fillmore St. Enter building off alley on east side .

For all past players, current players, coaches, parents and friends of East Rugby

former East player and coach Dan Bludeau will be inducted into the East Rugby Hall of Fame

Celebrating our 28th year with pizza, appetizers and dessert

21 and over- $15     under 21 - $5         under 12- free

TOUCH RUGBY FOR EVERYONE- Alumni, current players, coaches
Sun. Dec. 20   noon- 2 p,m. on East H.S. turf field  rain, snow or shine

 After touch session-Join us for lunch and watch Broncos at Three Lions on Colfax. High School players are welcome

Registration for All New and Returning Players

Wednesday Jan. 6   6-8 p.m. in the East H.S. lunchroom - for all players and parents. We ask that parent attend , but if a parent cannot attend, players should come and pick up forms. 
Must register on line , preferably before the East Registration Meeting . Visit website for instructions. www.eastrugby.com
If a player is in need of a scholarship to pay the fee, contact Coach Baer   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.     303-601-4368 for instructions. 
There will be computers and adults to help at the registration meeting. 
Hard copies of forms will be handed out at the Registration meeting. These must be signed and returned. 
If good weather on the East H.S. turf. If bad weather in the East H.S. lunchroom. 
Must be registered to practice.

East Rugby Strength and Conditioning Sessions 2016

Attached, please find a PDF of the handout and permission slip for the 2015-16 East Rugby Strength and Conditioning Sessions. Please distribute electronically to the East Rugby community and post it on our web site. 
Sorry for the late notice, we just signed up our newest yoga instructor last night. 
Welcome, JR, and welcome back Bill, Keith, Liz, Joe, and Ian.
See you all tomorrow, Tuesday, 11/3, at 5:45 PM at Room 240 at East.
  Mark Hoskin

East Rugby Recruitment Meeting 2016

Thursday Dec. 3  5;00- 5;45 p.m. in the East H.S. Lunchroom  
For all new and returning players We will discuss the goals and expectations for the upcoming season . 
Followed by fitness from 6- 8;15 p.m. in room #240. If unable to attend the fitness session, students are still asked to attend the meeting. 
This meeting is for players. But of course a parent is welcome. But we will have a Registration meeting for parents and players in early January. T.B.D.  1st practice is Sat. Jan. 9.
If you have any questions please contact Coach Baer.
Bill Baer   Head Coach    

World Cup Reflections


My wife Barbara and I just returned from 3 1/2 weeks in the U.K. following the Rugby World Cup. My enthusiasm for the game has never been higher. Here are some reflections.

Although not all skills shown by the New Zealand All Blacks translate to our high school players, I observed many trends and techniques that we can learn from. I look forward to reviewing with our coaching staff and implementing some new wrinkles into our game.

In our time traveling on trains, busses and subways, and at matches, we met many rugby fans from all over the world. Everyone was friendly and supportive and enjoying the international rugby spirit. Fans rooted for their country’s teams and many dressed up in fun costumes, but all with a great sense of sportsmanship. At a time when many sports in Europe and America are having problems, I am delighted that the positive rugby culture is thriving. I makes me feel good that we are introducing this sport and culture to many high school boys and their families.

I was amazed that the influence of the East H.S. rugby program is felt far and wide.

In Newcastle at the South Africa vs. Scotland match, the first person I saw was Guy Mumford. Guy was a Denver Barbarian and the older brother of East’s player Paul Mumford from South Africa.

In London before the USA vs. South Africa match, we had a gathering of East High folks that included Paul Hoskins Sr. (the founder of our club), East Coach Steve Gore (in the U.K. for a referee exchange program), Liz (Steve’s girlfriend and a Physical Therapist who has helped East Rugby), Steve’s parents and Liz’s parents, Barbara and me.

At the USA vs. South Africa match, I took my seat in the 70,000 seat sold out stadium . The person sitting directly behind me was Jamian Harvey who played for East Rugby and Regis University. He was there with his wife and 3 1/2 year old son and was explaining the game to his son. After the match Jamian’s wife thanked me for introducing him to rugby.

While exiting after the USA vs. South Africa match, I was approached by Joe Kielly who coached the H.S. rugby team from Edina, Minnesota. We hosted them in Denver years ago. Joe told me that on that tour we were excellent hosts, excellent sportsmen and excellent players. He said they came home and used what they learned from East to develop a quality program and won the next three state championships. He thanked us for our positive example.

Before the USA vs. Japan match we had a gathering of Steve Gore, Liz, Steve’s parents, East Coach Todd Applebaum and Todd’s friend from his rugby days in Virginia.

Before the USA vs. Japan match I ran into Salty Thompson at breakfast. Salty is the USA U-19 national coach. He has coached Connor O’Brien and Adam Leonard. Salty introduced me to some USA Rugby officials and said we had a great H.S. program and thanked me for helping to start and helping run the U-16 / U-18 Select Side Tournament in Aurora . He said it was the best in the U.S.

Before the New Zealand vs. France quarter final in Cardiff, Wales, I ran into Brian Hightower touring Cardiff Castle. Brian played for Aspen, was captain of the Eagles and is one of the two T.V. announcers for USA matches. He reminded me that his wife is an East H.S. graduate, and he follows our team. He said we have a great program.

All this make me proud of what we are doing for the program and for the young men who join us.
And I look forward to more positive connections in the future.

Yours in Rugby,
Bill Baer
Head Coach    East H.S. Rugby