Upcoming East Rugby Events

East Rugby Community- here are two upcoming events. Hope you can join us.

ALUMNI & CURRENT PLAYER PARTY and HALL OF FAME Sat. Dec. 20, 6-8 P.M. in the church basement at 1100 Fillmore Street. Enter off alley on east side. for all alumni, current players, parents, siblings and friends of East High Rugby.
Pizza Party. 21 and over- $15, 20-12 years old- $5, Under 12- free. Coach John Falkenberg will be inducted into the East Rugby Hall of Fame. This is a great opportunity for new players and families to meet people and see what we are about.

Sun. Dec. 21 , 2-4 p.m.  at East H.S. turf field. Rain, snow or shine. This is a  annual event that includes everyone that wants a fun run.


Every Sunday through Dec. 14- noon- 2 p.m. on the East Turf, weather permitting

Every Tues and Thurs. ( except Thanksgiving) through Dec. 19 . Meet  5;55 p.m. in room #240 at East H.S. - for running, yoga and weight training.

Wed. Jan. 7,  6- 8 p.m. in the East H.S. lunchroom. IMPORTANT . We encourage any who can to register on line before this meeting and pay the $100 fee on line. On line registration and payment instructions will be posted on website and sent by email when they are available to us. If a family needs a scholarship for the fee, please contact Coach Baer.
In addition to on line registration, some paper forms will need to be signed. East Rugby tee shirts, hats, sweat shits etc. and coffee will available for purchase at registration.

Our first practice is Sat. Jan. 10 . Must be registered to practice. We will practice on the East H.S. turf on Saturdays probably from 11- 2;30  p.m. and Mon. Wed. and Thurs, - probably from 5- 7;15 p.m. under the lights. Times on the turf are in the process of being scheduled for all the teams by the A.D. .We will have fitness practices on Tues from 6- 8;15 p.m. No practices on Fridays or Sundays.

We will have varsity ( A Side ) and JV ( B side)  matches on some Saturdays and some Wednesdays. Dates and times T.B.D. There will be five 8th grade/ fresh/ soph. festivals on Mondays at 4;30 p.m. starting March 9. These are league wide festivals for only underclassmen. All East Rugby 8th graders, fresh,. and sophs will get to play in these if they attend practice . East Rugby underclassmen ( Fresh. and Sophs. ) may also play for B side or A side, but 8th graders can only play in the 8/FD/S festivals and on the tour.

We will be on spring break from Friday March 27 through Sunday April 5. with no formal rugby activities. Players are required to maintain heir fitness level, but we do not practice over spring break to allow for family time.

We have taken a out of state tour for the last 18 years in a row. This year we are going to a new place for us- Tulsa ,OK. We will depart in a bus on Fri. a.m. April 10 , play A, B, and 8/F/S on Sat. April 11, play A, B and 8/F/S on Sunday April 12, and return home Monday P.M. April 13. There is no school for D.P.S. on Monday April 11, but the students will miss school on Friday April 10. All players who are academically eligible can come on the tour and everyone that comes gets to play. Scholarships will be available so that all students may attend.
These tours have included many parents who enjoy getting to know the other parents and coaches.

We do a lot of activities and I want to thank all the parents for your support. If you have any questions, please contact me.

Bill Baer    Head Coach   East H.S. Rugby
303-601-4368    billbaer@centurylink .net

2015 East Rugby Recruitment Meeting

for all new and returning players

Tuesday Nov. 18, 5-5;45 p.m. in the East H.S. lunchroom

Everyone is invited, no experience necessary. We will preview the season and learn about the team.

For those able to stay after- bring work out clothes and participate in the fitness session directly following from 6-8;15 p.m. 

If questions- contact Bill Baer   Head Coach   303-601-4368     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Great Tackling Video from Seattle Seahawks

East H.S. ruggers, parents and fans ,

Here is a great tackling video narrated by Pete Carrol showing the tackling techniques he teaches the Seattle Seahawks. He explains this technique is taken from rugby and the video includes rugby scenes. This is how we teach tackling to the East High School Rugby Team- to tackle with the shoulders and not the head- for a safer tackle. And this is exactly what I was coaching to the East High School Football team when I was brought in as a tackling coach two years ago. 


Bill Baer    Head Coach    East H.S. Rugby 

2014-2015 Preseason Strengh and Conditioning Sessions

We will begin our Preseason Strength and Conditioning sessions on Thursday, November 13th, from 6:00 to 8:15 PM, and conclude these sessions on Thursday, December 18th. East High School is closed on Tuesday, November 11th for the Veteran's Day holiday.

We will meet in Lisa Smith's classroom, 240, split into three groups, and rotate through three 40 minute yoga, running, and weight training sessions led by Kaitlyn Gray, Joe Ranalli, and Ian Bonesteel. As in the past, Bill Baer, Brent Applebaum, Todd Applebaum, Paul Hoskins, Jr., and Josh Tafoya will join us as additional coaches as their schedules allow.


All players, grades 8 through 12, are encouraged to attend. Click here for the permission ship, which should be filled out and brought to the first session.

East H.S. touch rugby schedule

The East H.S. Rugby team is sponsoring our annual Sunday touch rugby sessions. These are not formal practices but intended to sharpen skills , increase fitness and have some fun!
Any student who is interested in coming out for the high school team is invited. This is a great way to start to learn the game and get to know the guys.

Sessions are Sundays, usually noon- 2 p.m. . When that times conflict with the Bronco Schedule -sessions are 3-5 p.m. The location is the EAST H.S. TURF FIELD ( just west of the school) , a change from the last several years. Since this is on the turf field - we will play with light snow or rain. If there is a blizzard or heavy snow cover, we will cancel.

1. Sept. 7- noon-2 p.m.

2. Sept. 14- noon-2 p.m.

3. Sept. 21- noon2 p.m.

4. Sept. 28-noon-2 p.m.

5. Oct. 5- noon-2 p.m.

6. Oct. 12 - 3-5 p.m. ( note time)

7. Oct. 19- noon-2 p.m.

8. Oct. 26- noon-2 p.m.

9. Nov. 2- noon-2 p.m.

10. Nov. 9- noon-2 p.m.

11. Nov. 16- 3-5 p.m. ( note time)

12. Nov. 23 - noon-2 p.m.

13. Nov. 30- noon- 2 p.m.

14. Dec. 7- noon-2 p.m.

15. Dec. 14- noon2 p.m.

The alumni / current player party and Hall of Fame is Sat. evening Dec. 20

The alumni/ current player touch rugby match is Sun. Dec. 21 from 2-4 p.m. on the East H.S. turf field

The fist formal practice of the season will be Sat. Jan. 10!

See you there,
Bill Baer  Head Coach    East H.S. Rugby